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Sometimes I get to Civ class and nobody's there yet, and I spend the next ten minutes wondering if I hallucinated that class, if I've just been sitting in an empty room one night a week all semester. It's unsettling how much of a relief it is when somebody else walks in.

Last night when I went out to my car from the grocery store, there was a dark grey pigeon walking past it. Pigeons are diurnal, so I was weirded out. I put the groceries in the car, and then walked around to see if it was okay, but it wasn't there anymore. I'm still not sure if it flew away, or if it was never there in the first place.

I'm considering giving up driving for the semester. But I have to get to class from work, and the only way to do that without being late or giving up hours is to drive.

I might give up wearing fitted t-shirts without a sweatshirt over them, too. I really, really don't like when I'm doing something and guys keep talking to me? That sounds wrong, but it's a weird Really Friendly sort of talking that I am inclined to think of as flirting, but I can't really tell for sure? It's just annoying when I'm trying to do something. And they stand too close. And life is just that much easier when people can't tell what gender I am.

Sometimes I want to go back in time and punch Thomas Jefferson in the face for his "the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants" quote. God, people repeat that shit as if it was infallible. It was hotly contested at the time! By a lot of people, some of whom were also founding fathers! Like Abigail Adams! Man, she was awesome.

The deeper we get into Ethics in Journalism, the tougher the questions get. Last week was a bunch of stuff on cooperating with the cops, this week is a bunch of stuff on anonymous sources. [The case: your college has made it mandatory to submit papers in a format that requires expensive software downloads. Some students have figured out how to copy the software, and are freely distributing it around campus; they agree to talk to you, but only if you obscure their names and faces. Later, the police go after them for copyright infringement.] "Would you identify the students? Would you change your mind when lawyers begin to talk about how long your stay in the county jail might be?"

And that's one of the more clear-cut ones, actually. For me, anyway; I'm an open-source fan, and I've joined technically-terrorist organizations before, and stuck around after the state started going "Stop that!" It never came to police action, but I made up my mind about then that if the right thing, as I saw it, diverged with what the law said... I'd rather be right than legal.

Anyway. Classes are good, I'm still working on stories - both news and fiction - and reading whenever I have to walk places (yeah yeah yeah, I'm careful), and actually getting along at work. I got sick of waiting for my hair to grow out and spent a careful hour with scissors chopping it off. It's nicely shortened, now. I figure I can always pick up a wig, if... well, I can always pick up a wig.

H'm. I do have to work tomorrow, and I do have to finish this set of briefs for the radio people before tomorrow morning. Back to work, then!


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