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So I'm sitting here with a little kitten on my lap, and she's purring so loud, and just... I dunno. It hit me, all of the sudden, how incredibly lucky I am for this moment, for this cat, of all the... it seems so stupid. But I have a cat and I love her, and despite all the strangeness inherent, she loves me. At least, I'm pretty sure she does. And I can sit here, and cuddle her, and she purrs and cuddles back. I mean... just.

And then I wonder how people can accuse me of being compassionate for stopping to help out baby squirrels/turtles/ferrets/puppies/mice, whatever you care to mention. What the hell did I do to deserve a little ball of fur that purrs when I say the first syllable of her name? Isn't it only just that I treat the life I come across with the same kindness I've found in this life?

Eh, I don't know. I've been reading through Reaper Man, by Terry Pratchett. Sheila finally finished it, and it's... well, -good-. Anyway.

If you get a chance today, check this out. It's a soccer-type game, and every goal scored is a dollar towards life-saving drugs for HIV in Africa. Very, very good cause, no donation pleas or anything. Just a game, and the more you win, the more lives can be saved.


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