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This is a bit of the Minecraft mythos I've begun. In the vein of my usual tricks and gambols, I decided to plant a garden underwater. Why? Why not? I died three times, but only once did I lose everything. This is often an issue with me - early in Dann's map, I put up a lava stream on a chunk of ice-field. Then there's the hole in the ocean (to be fair, that was accidental - I was only trying to plant a few trees underwater), and the cloud-forest (which still needs to be expanded), and the fact that my home base is almost always a schizoid sort of tower, and the part where I -was- successful building a tree underwater... at any rate.

This is the story of the birth of Fli, who guards the madmen and artists of the Minecraft world. Every lunatic twisty tower, or sculpture of ice and fire, or ridiculous project of tomfoolery is protected by him, and his symbol is the mushroom. He is the son of Nua and Ark, the god of clouds and goddess of trees, respectively. It's not done, but it will be! Only a bit to go. Read more... )

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I could write about how I am all depressed and whiny and my brain keeps coming up with new reasons to hate myself and it's kind of getting to me, and I'm going to do NaNo anyway.

Or I could write about how I finally gave notice at Zoup! to work more hours at the bird store and how much of a weight this is off my shoulders and how I'm now wondering how I did it for that long at all.

Or I could write about love, and how much it is awesome and hurts and how I am struggling to keep from angsting constantly on this subject, with limited success.

Or I could say fie! fie! to journalling, and read more comments or archives of Slacktivist, or work on NaNoWriMo as I should be doing.

Instead, I will describe what is now my home in Minecraft. I have dubbed it the Tower of Improbability. It is a very shady spot in Hemn Space indeed.

The first tower* was a sandcastle, with an underground entrance that went to the Sea. Then I dug the Cave of Wonders, in a misguided attempt to create a thing of beauty, and stumbled into horrors and riches in equal proportion. When I had despaired of beauty, I cursed the laws of reality and probability, and surveyed my scattered disarray of forges and workbenches, my hoard of tools, my chests of metals, magma, stone and precious stone alike. And I laughed, and was taken by a momentary fit of madness.

Soon, the sandcastle that had been the marker of a den was no more, demolished by my flailing shovel, and I stood on the beach, nothing in between me and the skies-- nothing, that is, but the skies themselves. And I began to build. I built walls, with and without windows-- I smelted glass and bedrock alike, and I crafted doors on whims.

Cut for long description! )

Next time, I'll post pictures. ...Yes, I am procrastinating. >_>

*The -very- first settlement was a Den, but I abandoned it fairly quickly in favor of the Tower.


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