Nov. 1st, 2011 07:25 pm
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Okay, so, let me give you a timeline.

Saturday about 1pm: it starts raining
Saturday about 2pm: it is snowing, hard, flakes as big as my hand (and WET) no exaggeration
Saturday 3pm: things start closing, lights flicker a bit, roads are full of slush, sky darkens
Saturday 3:30pm: Sister calls from West Hartford, where her asshole friend stranded her
Saturday 4:30pm: We close at work and I go to pick her up. I shall copy-paste from the IRC

So I drove, terrified, all the way out to get her, around innumerable fallen trees, branches (seriously, there were entire trees down, also big huge branches), and entire lines draped across the road.
Then I picked her up and drove to a restaurant nearby.
(I know the owner fair well, she's awesome.)
And I did /not/ want to drive back on an empty stomach.
My car skidded two or three times when I tried to come to a stop. It was terrifying. Three times branches narrowly missed falling on our car, branches that would've stopped us in our tracks. One we saw fall on the line and throw up a flash and subsequent shower of sparks.
We got stopped by cops who'd blocked off a road twice and had to change routes. Finally we got to the restaurant, ate, dallied for three hours because I was hoping things would slow down (they didn't), and eventually headed out.
The ride home was EVEN MORE TERRIFYING.
The roads were damn near impossible to navigate, all the lights were out, there were lines across the road every block or so. But we finally made it home, and have been cursing the dark and lack of power since.
We got like, six inches of snow.
And I had to shovel it off my driveway.
And I've been carrying an obscenely heavy generator in and out of the shed and house to keep the basement from flooding for three days now.
I will be okay.
It's stressful, but that is life in New England. I'll be glad when power comes back.
This is seriously weird and unsettling.
There are autumn leaves scattered over deep snow and puddles of ice.
That is so weird.

So... no idea when power will come back on. I'm typing from a coffeeshop in Manchester, where they picked up fairly quickly. In another half hour or so, though, I'll pack up and head back home. Tomorrow I'll see if the campus is open and charge more stuff there.

Miss you all. Peace.
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Actually, although that's the title my brain came up with for this post, I'm not sure I agree. A huge piece of my life takes place online. The lion's share of all communication with my boyfriend (no, that word will never be easy to type, because my brain will never accept it. Boyfriend, it tells me, is a word that happens to other people. Such strange worlds, we make for ourselves. I'd also argue that it's a stupid word because, like most of this language, it's too vague. But anyway.) takes place online. The numerical majority of my friends are online. Home is where the laptop is.

Anyway. The title was spawned when I realized I'd rather skip filling my tank this week, and walk/not go anywhere requiring driving than have the internet bill go unpaid and risk losing wifi. Which may happen anyway, because I don't know if I can afford to pay it, and the busy season still hasn't kicked in, so my hours are shrinking instead of growing, and I'm at the point where I'm wondering if I should get a second job. But if I do get a second job, and then the busy season kicks in, I will be quite frankly screwed. And if it doesn't, I will miss job opportunities for the Christmas hiring season. There is no right answer!

For now, I'm just praying business picks up.

There are other things I'd like to talk about, but I don't know that I have the spoons to tackle the laundry list of insecurities that are whining at my coattails like leaden koalas.

So! This is my laundry list of projects!
Firstly: [personal profile] thulcandran , which is my new Dreamwidth for the ten-minute prompts I've decided to do every night. (Life promptly smacked me with emotional drama and guilt every night, of course.)
Secondly: Currently Without Link, my project to transcribe the over-a-century-old tome of Arabian Nights my grandparents gave me. It's from back when Muslims and Christians regarded each other as "Like us, but weird," instead of "Doomsaying Evildoers of Darkness, Kill On Sight." And it features djinni as characters in their own right, the spirits of immense power that they were in legends of old, rather than just Deus Ex-Machinas tied to a lamp.
Thirdly: The PPC NaNoWriMo project! Dann came up with a prompt/setting for this year-- every day, 3% of the world disappears. We're going to try and have a mini-anthology when all's said and done.
Fourthly: ...I think this had something to do with the chalkboard on my door, but I don't remember.

At any rate, I'm off-- gonna take some Autumn pictures before the season starts winding down.


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