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...that if you start by saying "I'm not trying to be racist..." then you probably are being racist. And I do mean ULTIMATE proof.

[Note! This is cross-posted from Facebook, so it may lose a bit of context. Speak Out, for those lucky enough not to know, is like Letter To The Editor for the utterly ignorant. It's a staple of local papers. AP US = Advanced Placement US History. AP = Assistant Principal. EHHS = East Hartford Highschool.]

I'm not trying to be racist AT ALL, but African-Americans are starting to take over the schools. The teachers treat them differently (they allow them to do things I would usually be yelled at for doing, like walking around during class or talking), and are letting them get away with very unfair things because they want to seem like the "cool" teachers to the children who have it "harder." Kids like me are becoming frightened to talk back to an African-American kid. I am repeatedly harassed each day by being called "stupid white girl" and "cracker." Is that not racism? Teachers are allowing these kids to throw objects, and to literally SWEAR in the classrooms out of fear of being reported as a "racist" by the child. I urge teachers to start disciplining these children before their behavior becomes even more outrageous. They are nearly "hiding" behind the word "racist."

Actually, having read this a second time, I'm starting to wonder if this was a student or some ignorant, moronic, dipshit of a concerned parent. But surely no one over the age of fourteen would use that many "quotes" unnecessarily? Surely no parent would be stupid enough to put the word harder in quotes in that context? Surely no one could possibly be THIS FUCKING STUPID...?

Anyway. I don't know what world this person is living in, but it ain't the one I'm from. Anybody from EHHS think a teacher would let a black kid throw an object across the room and then yell at a white kid for doing the same thing? Yeah, I don't see it. Anybody from EHHS remember anybody besides Kelly* getting harassed because their skin was too pale?

Here's what I remember: I remember our AP US History class getting banned from racial jokes because if an AP walked in, he would've been written up or something-- even though every single race in the school was covered, and nobody ever got offended. And that's with thirteen kids and I don't even REMEMBER what the demographics were, but I know it was about equal. I remember a teacher who shall not here be named talking about an experiment some students had done that proved white kids got stopped less often in the hallway than any given minority.

God knows I had plenty of complaints about that bloody highschool. But one thing I could never say with a straight face was that any race you care to mention was "taking" "over." And anyone who spent more than one day there without their heads up their own arse wouldn't, either.

*This was a bit of an in-joke. Kelly is Irish, and her skin is very, very white-- so is mine, but she can't tan, so it stays white. We used to mess around with her about it, just like at Preseason every summer Jess used to recoil in mock horror from my parchment-white legs.


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