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Dudes! You read that correctly!

Welcome to St. Dymphna's Academy!

A few months ago, [ profile] julyflame put together a Mary Sue sort of roleplay. The goal? To throw a bunch of Super Awesome, Uber Special, Most Wonderfully Unique Of All The Universe characters together in a private-school-type setting, and see what happened.

Thus far, it's been pretty fun! We've had a few students accidentally create an AI, a demon overcome a curse by praying to the gods (apparently), a werewolf and a ranger team up to put together a student hunt, a beach trip, and numerous other adventures, incidents, and exploits!

But I think it'll be more fun when we've got more people!

Jooinnnn usssss...

Here's what you need:
-Basic English Skills (Please, please, please don't use l33tspeak. It hurts ussss, precioussss.)
-A love of storytelling, or characterization, or text-based adventures, or... something (Have fun! That's why we're here! It's more fun if everyone's enjoying themselves!)

Roleplay experience is nice, as the admin is desperate for someone to help out the noobs, but definitely NOT a must. The roleplay is forum-based, but if you'd like to chat-play a conversation and TS it, that's fine, too!

If you'd like to get to know the community a little better, we have an IRC channel, #stdymphnasacademy (I use (type under the server-drop-down menu), but I gather there are a few avenues.)


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