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You are not allowed to give up; you are not allowed to stop trying. You must put your all into this, every time, denying any weakness, throwing all of your efforts into one. You must not let yourself be denied. If you push and are rebuffed, push again - and again, and again, and again, every attempt must be perfect, and every repetition better than the last. You will not allow yourself to be shot down, and so you must persevere always, no matter the cost. You must finish, you must succeed, and you must do it to the maximum satisfaction. Compromise is not an option. Failure is not an option. You must follow all commands with pleasure and determination, carry out all orders as if they meant your life or death. You must concede all demands, deny your desires, and fall into place as planned. You must follow the plan. You must improve the plan. You must carry out the plan to the letter, never change it. You must know where the plan needs a change, and enact those changes without hesitation. You must not balk. You must be strong. You cannot move without confirmation. You need the independence to move without confirmation. You should seek for the best. You need to fall back when ordered; you need to push forward at all times. You should always be striving harder. You must not give in.

You must be able to take this lightly; you must always take this seriously.

You must never give up, unless ordered to give up.

You must accede that the failure was your own fault, and you must never, ever fail.

You must give up when ordered to give up; if you give up, you were not strong enough.

You must always strive to be stronger.

You cannot carry this alone; you cannot ask for help.

You are not allowed to stop trying. You cannot believe that your efforts are not enough, but you must realize that you will never be enough. You should not blame yourself, but you must be aware that it is all your fault. You are not allowed to give up. You are not allowed to opt out. You must remember, at all times, no matter what, to



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So for the past few days, I've been hearing strange noises. It seems like whichever side of the house I am on, bumping noises come from the other side. I'd chock it all up to hallucinations, which wouldn't be unlikely, but Carly and Tina clearly hear them too, and either perk up their ears or meow annoyedly, respectively. I've mostly shrugged it off.

Today, I was sitting at my laptop, reading about how the Hartford Courant is slashing its opinion columnists, and heard another one of those strange bumping noises. This time, it was clearly coming from my sister's room. Determined to get to the bottom of this, I picked up my keys and opened her bedroom door... to find this:

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I was a little shocked, and spent the next ten minutes alternating between calling my sister a brat (and other names) and squeeing helplessly at the cute.

(My own kitty looks like this: Image and video hosting by TinyPic)

I, for one, am not looking forward to my father's reaction, when the secret eventually outs, as it obviously will. (She's already quite vocal, especially if you leave off snuggling her. I suspect she was taken from her mother too early, and shall be bringing home formulated kitten food today, because among other things, I'm quite annoyed at my sister for feeding such a wee one full-sized cat food.)

In other news, running a store (even for a few days) is hard. Who knew? (Given, Bossman is doing the real legwork. Still, it's really not easy having m'friend-and-manager gone, aside from the fact that I rather miss him, he's so competent it's scary, and I'm just now realizing that just because he makes it look easy doesn't mean it is.)


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